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Though we treat all our clients with perfect attention, we live in a real world where unexpected situations do happen every once in a while. To be on the safe side, go for the VIP customer service and you’ll always get the full information concerning the current stage of your order via SMS. You’ll be able to count on the immediate attention of our best Customer Support Representatives! The feature is available for $14.99!
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Preferred writer

Would you like your paper to be written by our TOP writers? If ‘yes’, your dream can easily come true: opt for our “TOP writer” feature, and enjoy the top-notch quality. If you are new to such advanced features and want to experience similar benefits for a lower fee, you are welcome to use the “Advanced regular writer” feature. Finally, there is one more feature – “My previous writer.” It lets you work with the writer whom you trust based on your previous experience. This option is available with 24 hour deadline or more. By choosing your Previous writer, the price automatically increases regardless of the writer’s level because of urgent delivery.
Dianne, London:
I have found my favourite essay writers on! They are just the best and every time I get top grades! So much better than spending the whole weekend with books!
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I needed my papers to look splendid, like they have one writing voice behind them. I think the Preferred writer option is perfect for that because I can choose the writer I want to write my essay. Really works, because you can get the kind of writing you are looking for.

Plagiarism report

If you know what a plagiarism report is, we don’t need to spend much time explaining you why it is necessary for an important paper. You will not have to worry about plagiarism – the analysis we provide is backed up with WebCheck, one of the leading anti-plagiarism systems. This feature can be ordered at a very competitive price:

  • single-spaced pages: 1 – 5 pages – $9.99, 6 pages and above – $11.99 plus $2 for every additional page;
  • double-spaced pages: 1 – 10 pages – $9.99, 11 pages and above – $10.99 plus $1 for every additional page.
Bart, Rotterdam:
Plagiarism is completely off bounds for my professors when it comes to writing papers. So whenever I order a paper at I definitely check the Plagiarism report option, because this way I can be completely sure that my essay is not copied from somewhere. So far it has kept me from trouble!
Christina, London:
The most embarrassing thing is to get caught trying to pass off some already published work as your own! I never want it to happen, so I always select the Plagiarism Report option, because then I can be sure that this is original content.

Abstract page

Writing a quality Abstract page is something they don’t teach in an average college. While many smart guys are trying to fill the gap by writing step-by-step manuals and publishing them on the web, your most important paper is surely not the best choice for experimenting. If you have entrusted your paper to our writers, it makes perfect sense to ask them for a summary, too. The price for all the hard work is $14.99!
Tracy, Michigan:
When they asked me to submit an abstract for my term paper, I didn’t know how to write one and then I discovered that they offer this service at It just looks very pro if there is an abstract, so for a longish paper I always make sure to use this option!
Bob Lane, Wisconsin:
An abstract page is such a cool option to have. Really helps with those super demanding type of professors who want everything just so. These guys will give it done to perfection so that you don’t have to keep running around cluelessly like a headless chicken LOL!

Sources used

With this extra, you get not just a list of the sources used, but the actual sources. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of the subject or see how your paper was written based on them, the “Sources used” extra is for you. When you purchase it, you will get a soft copy of the materials used. Available in .doc/.docx/.pdf formats or as print screens or images of the pages referenced. The materials can be downloaded in your control panel upon the order completion.

Table of contents

If you’re in need of a proper table of contents for your paper, select this extra in your control panel. We will make sure it will fully reflect the structure of your document.

Editor’s check

Choose this extra if you want an expert editor additionally proofread your paper after the writer finishes working on it. Editor’s check will improve the quality of the paper. You can add this extra to your order in your control panel and the ultimate price will be calculated automatically.


  • FREE plagiarism check – $10
  • FREE “My previous writer” option – $10
  • FREE formatting – $5
  • FREE email delivery – $3
  • FREE title page – $5
  • FREE revisions – from $6/page
  • Total savings: from $39


  • If the price of your order is above $500 – 5%
  • If the price of your order is above $1000 – 10%


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